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"Benefits received from cataract surgery performed by Dr. parker were numerous. To see clearly when I wake up, take a shower, drive around, watch TV, and to be able to wear all different fashionable sunglasses has been wonderful. Many thanks to Dr. Parker and his staff for a great experience."
Anna M.

"You have a very competent, friendly, caring, helpful and thoughtful staff. Moreover, they are very professional. It is so important to patients to feel special and have their questions answered which your staff willingly does. It must be because they have a great boss!"
Mary K.

"I have been Dr. Parker's patient for more than 20 years. The things I appreciate most about his practice:
1) He is an excellent doctor;
2) His staff is knowledgeable and caring;and
3) Dr. Parker and his staff will go out of their way to help you: they will give squeeze you in for an appointment the same day, if you have a real need to see the doctor; they will advise you on medical issues; they will suggest different contact lens options if you have difficulty seeing with your contacts; they will have your contacts shipped directly to you.

In today's world where medical care is so impersonal and getting immediate access to a doctor is difficult, Dr. Parker's competent and caring practice is a wonderful exception."

"I first met Dr. Jack about a year ago: My vision had been declining so slowly as to not be noticed in everyday activities. As the sun rose while driving back from Dallas last year in the bright sunshine of Florida's I-10, I realized that I was unable to see the car's instrumentation, and progressively less of the road. Shortly, I had to stop for several hours until the sun was overhead, my vision returned, and I could continue driving.

Without hesitation, Dr. Jack made an appointment for my right eye surgery, followed by the left eye three weeks later. The difference was amazing: things I thought were yellow were really white! No more sunshine glare!"

"I have been his patient for over 10 years. I have had some eye issues and he has been the guardian of my eyes. He's an expert in his field. I have confidence in him. He's serious and also funny."

"Outstanding, and so friendly! Great staff."

"Great doctor with an efficient and friendly staff. My family has been going to Dr Parker for 7 years and we wouldn't go to anyone else."